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Vetromeccanica table top conveyors for bottles, cups, cans, jars and jerry cans are designed according to product features (size, type, material) and can handle any kind of container. Table top conveyors are completely manufactured in Stainless Steel including supports, durable and easy to clean. Table top conveyors are also available in galvanized or painted steel. Designed to offer maximum reliability and quality, they guarantee reduced maintenance costs.
Vetromeccanica usually installs a standard acetal table top chain –thickness 4mm – but depending on the product to handle, we can supply table top or modular chain of greater thickness which provides a greater durability and flatness. Other materials such as derlin kevlar or steel are also available. Lateral product guides come either in stainless steel only or with high density polyethylene profiles in various types and configurations according to product features. These can be adjusted manually or automatically in order to handle different container formats.

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  5. CIP

lubrification1Lubrication system is complete with central dosing station and nozzles along the line equipped with stainless steel drip tray for liquid collection.

lubrification2A wet lubrication system consists of a pump that mixes the amine-based lubricant with water and sprays it over the chains via the nozzles at the end of the conveyors; the drip collectors under the conveyor body collect any excess liquid.


A dry lubrication system, which also consists of a pump that dispenses the silicon based lubricant via special nozzles at scheduled intervals.

Though dry lubrication is more efficient, wet lubrication will keep the conveyor constantly clean and sanitized, which instead must be performed manually from time to time when using the dry lubrication technique.


Product body guides in high density polyethylene align the empty/full containers in the conveyor trajectories.  These non-abrasive guides are adjusted to the correct lateral positions for each product diameter either by hand through spring-loaded, quick-release supports , by automatic air cylinder supports and through EMD moving device which provide several positions.

lateral guide table top

Guides in separate rows are manufactured in stainless steel scotch-brite 5mm thickness. This particular solution foresees five guides thus creating nr. 4 parallel rows of containers.
Easy and friendly format change over through a manual lever and a ruler divided into millimeters. For each bottle format you will get a set of spacers to speed up the whole operation. Lateral guides are installed by utilizing stainless steel bridge supports.

multilane guide1  multilane guide2

cable traysVetromeccanica standard cabling it’s installed underneath or along the conveyor through cable trays in welded stainless steel mesh supported by stainless steel AISI 304 brackets. As optional Vetromeccanica installs galvanized steel cable trays upon table-top conveyors at H = 2500 mm from floor. In this case the cable trays are supported by lateral tube-rods in stainless steel Ø 48 mm which are connected by cross-pieces tailored for the exact width of the underneath conveyor.

cipCIP – Cleaning in place
Cleaning system is made with stainless steel bars mounted inside the conveyors through stainless steel flanges. Each bar has 1 or more nozzles all made in stainless steel AISI 304 with 7,2 lt/min stream at 10 bar pressure which sprinkles at 120°.
The piping along conveyors is made with stainless steel tubes. As optional Vetromeccanica also installs manual cleaning system designed for ½”M tube connection.

cip 1     cip 2

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